5 Lifesaving Mobile Health Apps

From monitoring orgasms to locating clean bathrooms in your neighborhood, there seems to be an application for  everything. But amidst all the hokey and often useless tools there are some real lifesaving and changing technologies, particularly where self-health management is concerned. We took a trip to the iPhone Apps Store, and found 5 helpful health applications for you.  Take a look and see what we uncovered!

Health Trackers: One minute you’re feeling fine, the next you start feeling that knee pain that seems to come and go.  It’s next to impossible to keep track of each new ache, pain and symptom that affects you in between visits to the doctor. Thankfully, there are several mobile gizmos that promise to remember your health history so you don’t have to! iHealthTrax, MyHealthRecords and MyMedical each let you keep track of illnesses, allergies and historical medical records. Plus, they store information for physicians, emergency contacts and insurance providers in one central repository so you have it handy at all times.

Medical 4-1-1: For in case of emergency help, iTriage is the application that can save your life. This one has a comprehensive medical encyclopedia so you can check symptoms anywhere, anytime. The real benefits are  the nationwide directory of hospitals and pharmacies in the United States, a listing of more than 750,000 physicians plus GPS technologies and emergency room waiting time lists that will get you to the right  doctor in the nick of time!

Outbreak Alert: Finally we may be able to curtail the next bed bug, e coli or swine flu outbreaks thanks to iHealthMaps. Just download a version of the software and you never have to set foot into a dangerous health zone again. Using advanced interactive mapping technology, iHealthMap gives individuals disease outbreak and epidemic information in real-time. End-users are also encouraged to report outbreaks in their areas and get credited as “disease detectives” on the global map!

Butt Out: If you are a smoker you know how harmful the habit is to your health.  But if you cannot kick it,  MyLastCigarette may be just what you need to do so for good. Here’s how it works – simply enter in details like your date of birth, when you started smoking and how many sticks you have a day and the system spits out readouts on nicotine levels, expected cravings and life expectancy. Daily motivation tips as well as tracking of your before and after progress will empower you along the way.

Stress Saver: When stress and pressure get the best of you, a therapist comes in handy but may not be there to calm you down 24/7. Enter, iCounselor Anxiety, a learning application that delivers stress reduction and management skills from real-life professionals. The system lets you enter in stress levels, and doles out thought- changing techniques to help alleviate that stress. Pick the solution that works best for you and learn new coping mechanisms that can help you change the way you handle pressure situations.

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