Avocado Benefits: Amazing Antioxidants

Avocado Benefits: The prefix ‘anti’ usually means towards, in opposition to, or corrective in character. In cases like this, the ‘anti’ in antioxidant describes the impact these substances have versus oxidants. Oxidants,commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’ are generated as being a normal by-product from the tens of millions of biochemical processes carried out from… Read more: Avocado Benefits: Amazing Antioxidants

Frank Perdue

Frank Perdue was a long-time president and CEO of Perdue Farms, the leader in the Eastern United States in chicken production.  Perdue Farms is also known globally for its quality, service, and reliability in food and agricultural production rooting back to Perdue’s leadership, hard work, and focus on quality and that of his father Arthur, the original… Read more: Frank Perdue

Fall Squash Soup

After hot summer days are gone it is time to replace cold soups with excellent warm soups.  In fine, warm and fragrant soup that keeps us warm, comforting, helping establish inner balance and lubricate our metabolism, are also some of the following ingredients: oil, onion, garlic, pepper, parsley, celery, potatoes, or foods that you use… Read more: Fall Squash Soup

French Cheese

There are many types of cheese that the French make.  They each go best with different foods.  They all have a unique taste.  The cheeses are made with either cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk.  Here are several different types. Beaufort Cheese Beaufort cheese is named for Beaufort, a small town in the French Alps.  It is… Read more: French Cheese