House Dust Nothing to Sneeze At

For millions of Americans, the world is a sneezy, wheezy place, filled with normally harmless substances that their bodies recognize as enemies. Of all the enemies, one is virtually inescapable: house dust. “The predominant allergen is definitely house dust, there’s no question about it,” says Dr. Robert Overholt, an allergist in Knoxville, Tenn. About 58.7… Read more: House Dust Nothing to Sneeze At

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

As many as 333 million people a year walk away from lovemaking with more than they bargained for. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), representing more than 85 percent of all infectious diseases in the United States today, affect men and women of all backgrounds. Nearly as ageless as lovemaking itself, STDs are on the rise. Young… Read more: Sexually Transmitted Diseases