Facial Exercises For Double Chin

Ah, the good old “double chin” or “turkey neck.” Doesn’t matter what you call it or whether your a woman or a man, it’s not something to be desired. In fact, it’s something to dread, and it happens to far too many of us as we get older. Just another of the many pleasant side effects of living a long time.

So, Is There Anything We Can Do To Get Rid Of a Double Chin?

You bet! There are many ways you can go about trying to get rid of a double chin. There are miracle creams, potions, lotions, a double chin diet, and even a double chin device promising to be the best way to get rid of a double chin. The problem is that very few of these remedies will get you the lasting results you’ll get from active chin exercises for double chin reduction discussed below.

Now, if you’re in a hurry and have a large budget, there’s always cosmetic surgery. That should only set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $7,000 or more, and it’s probably not covered by insurance – even ObamaCare. Oh, and there is always the chance of surgical complications. So, if surgical intervention for your double chin is a little too steep for your budget or is above your level of risk tolerance, what other choices are there?
Chin Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

Who knew? Yep, there are workouts for your face. I guess it makes sense when you think about it. Your face and neck are full of muscles, and it can’t help to give them a little toning up with exercise once in a while, especially if they are beginning to sag on you.

There once was a time when people believed that the chin was the most difficult area to target with exercises. In reality, there are exercises that specifically target the chin, or should I say “double” chin. These exercises are very effective at getting rid of a double chin.
What are the Best Exercises for Double Chin Reduction?

One simple thing you can do is, would you believe, chewing gum. Now I know some people are put off by this and regard gum chewing as a bad habit, but it can be good for that turkey neck. In fact, some of the exercises frequently recommended as facial exercises mimic the same movement you make when you are chewing gum. So yes, chewing gum could help reduce that double chin to a more manageable size, although it may not be the best facial exercise around.

If you are desperate to reduce that double chin, then you’re probably going to need to get a little more scientific about the facial exercises you do and the frequency with which you do them. In fact, you’re going to need to learn what the best exercises for double chin reduction are, and then do them several times throughout each day.

Here’s a bit of good news. These facial exercises won’t make you suffer near as much as that hour-long aerobics class. Hey, there’s really nothing too strenuous about them at all, once you learn the technique.

You can just work these exercises into your daily routine at various times of the day, with very little interruption to your normal activities. There’s no special outfit to wear and you don’t have to pay for a health club membership. Oh, OK, if you want to get a new outfit for your facial aerobics class, go ahead 😉
Chin Stretches

So here’s a quick sample of some very basic chin exercises for you to try. Nothing too fancy at this point, but a good starting point to get you going.

Exercise 1

Cover your top lip with your lower lip to stretch the skin of your chin. Inhale through your nose while tilting your head back so that you’re looking straight up. Hold your breath and remain in this position for ten seconds. Exhale as you slowly lower your head into a neutral position.

Repeat this three or four times and work your way up to fifteen over time. Work this into your daily routine and perform the exercise two or three different times throughout your day.

Exercise 2

Stand or sit in a natural position. Open your mouth as wide as possible. Extend your tongue (stick your tongue out) as far as it will go. Hold that position and count to ten. Relax your mouth back to the natural position.

Start with a few repetitions and work up to ten. Repeat the process several times throughout the day.

[PS: You might want to think about waiting until you are alone to do this one. Did I mention you look ridiculous while doing this chin exercise? Don’t let that deter you though. The exercise itself really works, no matter how silly you may look while doing it.]

So that’s just a little sample of what facial exercises are like. I hope they will help you, and maybe motivate you to investigate the whole idea of natural double chin reduction further. Please, think about it. We have enough turkey necks to look at. Do you really want to be one too? (Sorry. Just kidding around.)

Look, you really have no excuse for not doing these “fat chin exercises.” They’re not that hard, and you can easily do them while watching your favorite TV show. Just keep in my that warning about how ridiculous you are going to look when doing Exercise No. 2.

OK, so that’s enough from me for today. If you do decide to look for more information on facial exercises for double chin, I’m putting a link below for a resource that I recommend. Be sure to take a look at the many before and after double chin photos on the website.

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