Green Diarrhea

If people discover that they have green diarrhea, the first move that they might do is to panic. Actually, more often than not, the reason why they are experiencing occasional green stool can be quite simple, which means there is no need to worry. Most likely, the cause is fairly normal, and so it is a must that people must first get into the bottom of it before doing exaggerated things like panicking.  They must think of the foods that they must have eaten or the drugs or supplement that they have consumed. Likewise, it is not necessary that what they consumed was green in color.

What does Green Diarrhea Mean

Indeed, there are a number of reasons why a stool shows up to be greenish in color. One of the first and probably most common reasons for this condition is the consumption of green foods, especially if in large amounts. One must remember that green, leafy vegetables have natural substance known as chlorophyll; this could be the one that makes the stool green. Other foods, especially those with dark violet color such as Kool-Aid and gelatin, specifically Jell-O, may likewise result in rainbow and greenish-colored stools. It is also possible for supplements consisting of iron or iron-rich foods to give stools a greenish hue.

The stool of any individual can also appear in greenish color not only because of what he eats, but for a number of physical reasons. Generally, healthy stool is always thought of as having a brownish color. Bile, which is a secretion that originates from the first portion of small intestine, is actually colored green. As the stool is processed and pushed through the large intestine portion, its color turns into dark brown.

However, there will be instances when the stool of the person still appears as green by the time to goes out of the body. This can only mean that the stool passed through the large intestine so quickly that it was not able to change its color; hence, the experience of having green diarrhea. However, this is a rare instance. Often known by the term rapid transit, it is usually temporary and stool often goes back to the normal brownish color the next time it is excreted out of the body.

When it comes to breast-fed babies, green diarrhea is quite a common occurrence. Green-colored stools are actually normal among infants, especially those who are newly delivered. In toddlers, one of the most common reasons is food. Likewise, it can be non-food item. It must be remembered that young children like to suck on anything, even non-food items that are colored such as crayons. Such habits can actually cause the stools to appear in multiple colors.

If in case, green diarrhea continues in an individual, or perhaps his bowel habits changed in a drastic manner, it might not be a simple case of green food affecting color of the stool. If this happens, it is necessary to get the advice of a doctor. Calling the attention of the doctor is important especially if one experiences a severe case of diarrhea, which can cause the individual to suffer from dehydration.