How I stopped smoking

As an almost 40 year smoker I was resigned to that fact. I never really wanted to quit, even though I knew it was killing me [ or soon would ], I enjoyed smoking too much to really try to stop. But one day I started reading about ‘electronic cigarettes’ and I thought, hey I can get one of those to ‘sneak’ a smoke at work! The company I work for has very strict anti-smoking policies, you can’t be on the property or leave to smoke until lunch or when you leave.

So I got this new smoking toy, and by the second day I didn’t have a ‘real’ cigarette! This ‘ecig’ tasted better, no smelly smoke, ashes, I loved it!

I am going on day 92 without a cigarette and I feel wonderful! I still have five packs of cigarettes at my home and I don’t even want one!
Of course I know I’m still addicted to nicotine, but that and caffeine in coffee are pretty benign unless you consume too much.
So anyone interested in giving ecigs a try, do your research, don’t buy those overpriced junk cigs at the mall, and you too can quit or at the very least cut way down on your smoking.

A good place to start is the