How to stand tall in life and love

Yesterday, I noticed that I tend to crouch in pictures.

Usually it’s pictures where I’m standing next to someone who’s shorter than me. I noticed it when I was perusing some group shots from my stand-up comedy debut at Comix in NYC.

Growing up, I was always one of the taller kids in the class and remember shrinking down so I wouldn’t tower over everyone else.  As a tall girl, my pants never were long enough, and well most times, still aren’t.

Another friend of mine, who we’ll call Ann, stands a good 5′9 and admits she’s also a chronic photo croucher.

Ann recounted hearing a relative comment when she was young, that she’d have a never find a man if she got any taller.

Now that opens up a whole ‘nother can of malignant misconceptions that women are fed about relationships including: you have to be a certain way for a man to want you, and you should be concerned with being a certain way for a man to want you.  (Insert middle finger here.)

Ironically, telling a young girl that she won’t be wanted because she stands tall can have a profound effect on how she sees herself in relationships and life across the board.

On consistently picking men who were a less than good fit for her, Ann says, “I’ve been crouching all my life.”

Whether you downplay your accomplishments or talents, pick partners that are “shorter than you”, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, even physically if that’s not what floats your boat,  or just do your best impersonation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame every time someone says cheese, nothing good comes out of crouching.

So whether you’re 6′2″ or 5′2″, throw your shoulders back, elongate your neck and stand as tall as you can, no matter who’s around.

Remember crouching actually makes you look alot worse, not better.  I have the pictures to prove it.