I know what to do, so why don’t I do it?

Have you ever felt like a lazy bum or guilty because you know what to do, but you just don’t do it? Even when you know it is good for you? I recently engaged a Nutrition Coach, Sue Kay, of Starcowellness. She understands my goals; wear pants that don’t require elastic waist bands and put on pantyhose without qualifying as an expert contortionist. She has a plan that allows me to build one healthy eating habit at a time and even holds me accountable for getting “movement.” So, why haven’t I sent her my food journals? Why haven’t I is the key question to understanding what keeps us from reaching our goals. So, I’m going to put on my pedometer, type of my food journals and move! Thanks Sue for all your expertise and most importantly the swift kick in the pants (soon to be non-elastic)!