If I Knew Then What I Know Now….

Did you ever think about the phrase if I knew then what I know now?…..When I think about it I often think I  would have definitely done things different.  I know many say they really don’t think this way…but I do..every now and then I get into my own head…and I contemplate a variety of things…and this one of those phrases that comes out of my mouth every now and then..

I spent a lot of time being self conscience trying to get my parents approval, my friends approval..I went through periods in my life of being so self conscience it would almost make me physically sick..then in my adult life I’d say in my 30’s…. I figured it out..I wasn’t the only one who felt this way..I read it in books…it’s fear and change….its the natural order of things..its our journey through life.

So Why Do We Fight It?

The natural order of things..Change…..mentally..physically..and financially.. it starts when we are born..and we evolve into a little boy or girl and then and andult….we continue change and nothing ever stays the same and decisions we make can make a difference in the outcome….
Life is part of death…youth is part of aging…these events in life automatically causes change… its progression..its movement.it can be scary but the best way to deal with it to be aware of it…. accept it…embrace and live your life the best way that you can.

Regardless of where are journey takes us…or how comfortable our lives will become…nothing ever stays the same…you can count on one thing always…and that is change in the way we think..the way we look and the way we love!  Do you ever say to yourself, if I knew then what I know now?????