Rough start after vacation

Summer has started off with a real bang for me. Last Sunday I started running a 102-103 temperature. I know things were not looking good when i was shivering at the water park at Sea World! I ended up missing my final day of teacher check out and an in-service because i had to go to Dr. Kapoor’s office for fluids and antibiotics twice a day. I went to the doctors office 9 times in 5 days. That has to be some new type of record. i am feeling much better now thanks to some Maxipim, rest and a wonderful family that helped to watch Tait while i was down. These were supposed to be good weeks because i have not had chemo for two weeks now. Oh, well take it as it comes. Going to take Tait to the Flea market and get out of the house for a little while. It is a beautiful day in San Antonio.

After a week of antibiotics, i am feeling great. Had chemo yesterday and the results from my echo-cardiogram were good. My heart is as strong as ever. i guess the difficulty in breathing may be steaming from my weight gain. It has been a busy week as Tait has started swim lessons and we are getting ready for a family reunion at Possum Kingdom Lake. In the middle of all this we celebrated my Mom’s 70th birthday on a dinner river barge downtown. A good time was had by all. Next week we start VBS at church and continue swimming. Is this summer vacation!? Sure feels busy.